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Denim Jacket with Patches

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

* This post is sponsored by Gwynnie Bee, all thoughts are my own*

I think California is attempting to taunt me; sticking its thumbs in its ears while poking its tongue out to make raspberry noises as I sit here fishing for an umbrella. In fact, just a66 few days ago, I was swimming in sweat from the heat. Why LA? Why must you get my hopes up for warmth and sun, I shaved my legs for you! I pulled out crop tops and shoulder bearing blouses and you betrayed me with grey clouds and chill.

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Well taunt all you want weather, because I found this super cute Addition Elle Denim Jacket with Patches  from Gwynnie Bee and it will not let you rain on my parade ok? Layering has always been a key tool to surviving the fall and spring seasons no matter what coast you’re on, thankfully Gwynnie Bee has all your seasonal needs in one place. Thats what I love about my commitment free closet at Gwynnie Bee, I can try on as many different denim jackets as I like until I find one, or five, that I love.

Sign up for you’re free trial today and get some fierce denim in your closet!

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