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E&C x Rebdolls Review

Listen here, Rebdolls thought it was a smart idea to partner with Everything Curvy and Chic and Essie Golden for a swimsuit collection and all I have to say is they took all my damn money. You hear me?! All. Of. My. Money! Why you may ask, because their whole line of swimwear is fantastic! The colors, the fit, the cuts, even the small details like the fact that the “Sweet Thing” one piece glows in the dark. IT GLOWS IN THE DAMN DARK! Night swimming meet your match because I will be in the pool when the sun goes down.

Check out my review for these adorable suits and links for them as always are below!

Shop the Suits Here !

“Sweet Thing” Zip Up

Stripes “Shane” Bikini Top
Stripes “Shane” Bikini Bottoms

Godiva Bikini Top
Choco Soufflé Bikini Bottoms

ExC1 ExC1a ExC1b ExC1c ExC2 ExC2a ExC2b ExC2c ExC3a ExC3b ExC3c ExC3d

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