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Halloween Costumes for Curvy Cuties on a Budget

Whelp! You look at the calendar and realize “OMG Halloween is in 1 day and I have nothing to where!” If you’re anything like me Halloween Costume shopping was the last thing on your mind this month. Between a hectic schedule, being broke, and just plain old forgetfulness Halloween Costume shopping has become more of a hassle than a good time.

If you Cuties are in a crunch to find a sensible Halloween Costume with only 1 DAY LEFT! Then this is the post for you. Here are my top 5 Last Min (DIY) Halloween Costumes for the Everyday Curvy Cutie on a tight budget! LINKS to where to BUY CHEAP will be below!

  • God’s Gift To Man: Because “You’re Welcome” just doesn’t cut it! Throw that Little Black Dress, Pin on a Big Bright Bow ($1.00)  and Print out a sign on White Paper (free from home) or Hand Write on Construction Paper ($1.00) “To: Man From: God” If you purchase a dress this outfit costs: $15 (not including your state tax)

God's Gift to Man


 Torrid Bodycon Dress: $13.80 , for the deeper pocketed Forever21 Bodycon: $26.48 , Dollar Tree Ribbon $1.00 , Dollar Tree Construction Paper $1.00

  • Burglar: Steal their hearts and spare your wallet with this Cute DIY Burglar Costume with pieces you will definitely reuse! Stripped Shirt, Skater Skirt, Gloves and a Beanie will all be in my closet this season! This Burglar will have them trying to lock you up for less then $25 !



Walmart Short Sleeve Shirt $3.00 , For Cuties with a Deeper Pockets Target Long Sleeve $19.99 , Forever21 Skater Skirt 10.90 , Walmart Jeggings $9.99, Dollar Tree Mask $1.19 , Dollar Tree Gloves $1.00 , Walmart Beanie $6.00


  • Siri: Grab a Drink because one thing I know, they will be asking you questions all night, one thing they won’t ask is Who Are You? This Quick Cheap DIY Costume is an awesome choice for those Cuties who are on a Serious Budget or just too busy being the Do it All Super Women I know you are. Grab a your favorite Dress and Pin a Print Out to Your chest! This costume is definitely for the busy Cutie! I don’t have to tell you that this Halloween Costume will cost you nothing! But if you decide its a good excuse to buy a new dress we won’t judge!



  • Ceiling Fan: Oh yes we did! This play on words will have your friends laughing and those “sexy cheerleaders” throwing their pom poms in the trash. I mean, you’re sexy regardless but the humor in this DIY Halloween Costume will definitely own the room. Throw on a White T, use those amazing creative skills I know you Cuties have and Print, Paint, Tape, Glitter your shirt like the Ultimate Sports Fan! Grab those $1.00 Pom Poms and show your Curvy Legs off in a Skater Skirt and you’ll have the whole room Giving you all the Letters and Vowels you shout! For under $20 this is an awesome and fun way to Party!


Forever21 Skater Skirt 10.90 Walmart White Shirt $5.00 , Michaels Fabric Paint $1.29 , Dollar Tree Pom Poms $1.00


  • Pop Art!: Darling, show him he should nevah let you go again with this ode to comics and pop art! This costume is more about the Beat of that Mug honey than the costume itself. Grab a Cheep Pin up Wig, Cake on the Make up and throw on any polka dot combo you have. The key is to look at vintage as you can will blinding them with beautiful bright colors and the tears of your broken heart! This Costume will only dent your pocket around $20 however you use this as a reason to make him pay for a new dress then by all means reach to around $30!
    • fun tip: tape a printed Comment Bubble to a Headband and your homage will be complete!







Make up Tutorials Simple or Detailed  , Walmart wig $9.99 , Walmart Polka Dot Dress , Forever 21 Polka Dot Dress $27.90

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