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Saving Thighs with Bandelettess

Lets talk about thigh gaps, or more specifically my lack there of. I have never had a thigh gap, even at my skinniest, my beautiful thick thighs rubbed, touched, clapped and talked to each other. I wont complain because I love my thighs, I have however had a few disappointing experiences with them. When I was in my teen dancing ballet, they would be covered by tights and jazz pants, it wasn’t until middle school and high school PE classes (the bane of everyones existence I’m sure) that they became a problem.

Summer rubbin’ (if you sang to the tune of summer loving then we are best friends now) soon became chafing, irritation, and terrible rashes. I tried creams and a lot of patience, but nothing soothed my skin as much as a pair of pants and constant leg separation. As summer grows closer, and the hot humid air of the Bahamas brushes against those beloved thighs I am so glad that Bandelettes reached out to me to try their product. If you have problems with your beautiful thighs giving you grief in the hot and wet summer months, check out my video below for a full review of these awesome leg savers!


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Buy a pair of Bandelettes and save those beautiful thighs!

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