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Summer Skin and Hair Routine

To be completely honest with you I have both dry skin and oily skin. That, my beautiful sun kissed Cuties, is what you call combination skin, and I was/am¬†terrible to it. I don’t drink enough water, I hang out in the sun often and scrub too hard to remove stage make up. But as my time continues on the ship, and as I get older (have you had that OMG I’m turning into my mother moment yet?) I decided I had to be nicer to my skin. I never had bad acne and barely see any wrinkles or laugh lines, not thatthere is anything wrong with either of those things, I just haven’t noticed them on my skin yet. On top of that, I’ve had a very interesting relationship with my hair, dyes, two big chops and more. You can classify it as 4C on the natural hair care spectrum, although due to recent events (thank you Keratin treatment) it has loosed a bit. So I took the time to work out a regime for sun and shade that could help sustain healthy skin and luxurious locks. Check out my video below and the links for details.


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